Artgal Ghazi Drama

Artghal ghazi

One of the best Artgal Ghazi Drama serial by Turkey on the glorious Turkish lead Muslim empire who ruled over 3 continents over 600 years. Muslims all over the world never had any representation of their faith, values and religion especially over last 50 years. Hollywood lead movies over last 50 years had no space for Muslim culture, values and their beliefs. This is where turkey did a great job and providing an opportunity to muslim world youth to show them the rich history about Turkish Empire.This serial is a classic serial with A grade top acting skills, culture, religion, values which tells the true story about the glorious rule of Turkish empire. Loved every single detail and most importantly dedication, talent and skills of actors. Turkey should make more Artgal Ghazi Drama like this.

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TRT Ertugrul Ghazi Dubbed BY PTV 

I absolutely love these series, I’m Turkish by birth but living in Oz since immigrating with family as a baby in the late ’60s. I was always interested in my ancestry & where my people came from, of course, i asked my parents about it but just got told about stories of when they were young which didn’t help very much.I wanted to know the early stages of the movement of the Turks & Turkic people from Central Asia to Anatolia & many other places.So anyway getting back to Resurrection Ertugrul i was just taken back many hundreds of years ago of the migration, settlements, conflict & hardship that in my opinion, the show portrays very well with lots of drama great acting by awesome actors, scenes, costumes & all the excellent direction with well-positioned cameras for the viewing public that makes for a truly international TV series that WILL sit you down watch &
for too long(on many occasions)until you realize it’s finished now you waiting for the next season.Cheers everyone I thoroughly recommend watching an episode or two.

You’ll be amazed about the quality of this ertugrul series If you are interested in muslim history, documentary, true events. Now I have no surprises how Ottoman Empire kept standing for more than 6 centuries. It’s super addictive, really intense and much more rich than game of thrones or Money heist. The vision of the writers director and actors in telling this story is evident. Excellent production, excellent and solid story line. All the actors and actresses are so believable and skilled in their roles. A great work of art