Artgal Ghazi Urdu

Artghal ghazi

This is absolutely my favorite show! I cannot get enough of it and the theme is constantly playing in my mind!! It shows a history of the Turkish people that I was never taught in school and I have a lot of respect of the Turkish and Muslim faith now that I have seen how dedicated and sincere the people are to each other. I had always heard of the Knights Templar and the Crusades but were never aware of how really cruel these Crusaders were until I started some research. Resurrection has to be the best series that has been on TV for several years. The actors are magnificent and play their parts so well that I am actually there with them. When you can get so involved in a movie or series that the actors make you feel what they are feeling, then you are definitely enjoying their performances. It is a wonderful cast and each one is so important that it really hurts when a character leaves the show.

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