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The series had a remarkable effect inspiring me to research the history of the Kayis, Qiniqs and Dordugas among other tribes. I am also doing a refresher on the Byzantine Empire as a result. I enjoyed the valor of Ertugrul and his three trusty Alps, such loyalty. I am amazed by the expertise of the show’s creator Mehmet Bozdag in assembling so many moving parts. The supporting role of the women weave the necessary element of producing goods for their economy with such grace and femininity. I am surprised that Hayme hatun lasted so long considering the stress she has endured. Ertugrul, Turgut, Selcan, Wild Demir, Halime, Bamsi and Dogan are my favorites. Suleman Shah brought balance but he needed some of Ertugrul’s insight, in fact they all did. Ertugrul’s masterful swordsmanship, suave, wisdom, foresight and vitality is the reason I watched 179 episodes nothing else for a month. I looked forward to seeing him everyday. The death of some characters made me tearful, having grown attached like family. In fact the series became my family. I would love to visit that old country to contrast the present day with those medieval times. Because of this show I’m reading history books again

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