Season 1

Season 1English Subtitle

A very good series about Turkish history. This series was a good production about Ottoman. It made several series on this subject, but none of them reflect reality. Previously there wasn't such series. It was a nice job for Turkey. Unfortunately we are behind other countries. I really take enjoy watching this series. A successful business. This series will come to a better place. I just want to mention one point. I especially love the battle scenes. But bloody scenes too fake. They should show a little more attention to detail. If you pay attention to them this will be a better series. A number of really useful for Turkey

Season 2

Season 2 English Subtitle

Admittedly I was saddened when Game Of Thrones ended. The adrenaline rush was crazy! This show was recommended to me by Netflix. I figured I'd give it a shot. So glad I did!! This show is GREAT!! My Turkish Game Of Thrones!! I am hooked on the storylines and character development. It has it all...treachery, deceit, sword play!! But it also has hope, love and faith. I am emotionally involved!! I am happy when the characters are happy, and sad when they are sad....(It's made me cry!!) I am on season 2 and I know I will be extremely satisfied, emotionally exhausted and sad when it's over....Love, love