Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 36 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 36 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 36 | Season 5 Urdu Subtitle Only Watch Artgal gazi Online artgal Ghazi Season 5 Full Episode Watch Free Exclusively on All Seasons of Dirilis s5 ep36


Season 5 Epi 35 & 36

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5
Episode 35 & 36 HD Urdu Subtitle.

دیریلس ارتغرل غازی سیزن 5 قسط نمبر 35 & 36

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 36 | Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. You were not by any means fit to make that amateur child of Giindogdu, sing! Sogut’s territories have caused you to lose your touch with Albasti. He consumed his own tongue all together not to sing. What other decision did I have however to execute him? What’s more, it appears that these terrains made you lost your touch with Alincak, as well If you were going to let Ertugrul keep the Principality s Beylik… for what reason was there a requirement for you to go to Sogut. at that point? He damaged your requests. In any case, you haven’t taken care of that. Regardless of whether the fire was seething in your chest… you shouldn t let the smoke float out of your nose, so that. . your foe won’t know about the fire you’ll impact on them from your mouth. In the event that that fire doesn’t.. consume Ertugrul to remains… at that point, we ourselves will go up in its flares. Be careful with that, Commander. Measure multiple times, cut yet once.” [Mongol precept – think cautiously before acting] Before you win the fight on the battleground . you must be the champ in the front line of brains. Ertugrul pulled a prank on us. What’s more, hurt our validity So, we are going to pull a similar prank on him. What will you do? A hawk is shot by a bolts produced using its own plumes. Ertugrul is set up against outer assaults consistently. Along these lines, we will assault him from within. You can’t utilize his family for that. What’s more, his Alps are firmly joined to him. How might that work at that point? A lady knows the functions of her man’s brain. We will get under the skins of Ertugrul s Alps through their spouses Who are his nearest men? Artuk Bey… Turgut and Bamsi Artuk is impossible And, Turgut doesn’t have a spouse.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 36 | Season 5 At that point, it should be Bamsi. Ilbilge is Umur Bey’s little girl yet… Si rm an is Albasti’s sister. Tell your sister Sirma Hatun whatever she has to know. She will realize what to do Whatever place her eyes contact… it is burned as though by the Sun. Any place she releases her tongue, it slice through like a bat out of hell. What’s more, you go to the Kayi clan to communicate your sympathies. As you know the nephew of the Bey of Principality has simply kicked the bucket. Be with them Well what are you going to do? Berke Khan’s men showed up when we re expected to do the hand-over with Byzantines They set us a trap in the Kizil^am (Red Pine’s) woods. Its not feasible that.. they could have known anything about it in advance. So. there must be a powerless connection inside us. Also, an extremely frail one, at that How so? On the off chance that all the entryways we kept bolted were available to the adversary… that implies there is a deceiver among us. First. I should find that swindler My Bey, my Bey, there is some composition on that rock s face over yonder. Albasti That implies he has made it this far, my Bey. When did that canine come here? Maybe he sneaked in like a snake. Also, held up in hibernation So, when all was good and well. he rose up out of the home to spit its venom What will we do, my Bey? We will plunge like a bird of prey and remove the head of… this snake has risen up out of its home. He took my nephew. Furthermore, I will smother his bloodline. Is there authorization?

Indeed. come in. May it back off of you I’d offer you welcome. however, every opportunity you go to our clan. the breezes of some new tribulation blow in with you. Not much’s, In shaa Allah. Hafsa Hatun, shouldn’t we expel these from here? Allah prohibit, maybe they came to look long and hard at a stink eye on it. Masha Allah These look excellent. In the event that hatuns are not savagely treated and if there is no persecution in the clan… obviously, they would look wonderful, EvelAllah. The enmity between siblings prompts… calamity. Selcan Hatun. That is the reason we are here. Presently we should abandon what we have survived and… interlock immovably together Interlocking solidly together and being companions with you… would mean getting in a similar sack with snakes. Ilbilge Hatun. I neither overlook the transgressor, nor what’s been finished. Welcome, hatuns Why are you remaining there like this? It would be ideal if you be situated. We’ve all experienced a ton of difficulties, Hayme Mother. We dropped out with one another for reasons unknown. All things considered, we were the ones who experienced these difficulties. What’s more, what befell you? It was our clan and our tent that have been assaulted. They attempted to murder my child and my nephews… directly in front of us. Things being what they are, what was it you have survived? We should give them a possibility and listen to them, my little girl. Hang on there. Each Mountain is covered in its own fog Selcan Hatun.