Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5 Urdu  Watch Artgal gazi Online artgal Ghazi Season 5 Full Episode Watch Free Exclusively on All Seasons of Dirilis s5 ep39


Season 5 Epi 39 & 40

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5
Episode 39 & 40 HD Urdu Subtitle.

دیریلس ارتغرل غازی سیزن 5 قسط نمبر 39 & 40

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. What’s keeping you, Bamsi? The exact opposite thing that Berke Khan will get from us… will be your heads! The game is finished. Whoever sees my blade can’t get away from death Then this is the last time… you could ever observe your blade. Assault them! Please, brothers1 Come on siblings Come on. bismillah (for the sake of Allah) These savages keep springing up like weeds Let s cut them down then sibling. You and this trickster spy of yours have arrived at your end Come on, siblings! Interpreted by Melisa Dirilish Mergen… Is Mergen good? He is. my Bamsi Head-Alp. You came just under the wire. Great at that point, great You came of the last possible second, you did., yet my Head-Alp. my Ertugrul Bey have sent you after Alincak. Imagine a scenario where my Bey is at serious risk. Where is my Ertugrul Bey now? He has sent us ahead with Mergen my Bamsi Head-Alp. However. he and the rest are still there. We needed to leave our position when these ruffians set out toward our ponies. Nokers sounded the assault and Alincak must’ve gone. in the quest for my Ertugrul Bey and others, my Bamsi Head-Alp. There are just a bunch of them there. We should follow them. we were to follow them! That was my Bey s request. Melik§ah, you take Mergen back to the clan without a moment’s delay. Please, Alps, were going to find our Ertugrul Bey. How about we arrive before something transpires. how about we go Come on, pick up the pace. Alps!! How about we be gone, Mergen. I would t murder anybody without seeing his face first. Ya Allah! My valiant, my fearless heart would you say you are OK? Hang on hang on my lion There we go Where did these reviled Albis’ originate from now? [mythical creatures, possessing Altai Mountains] Aag A|/| My Bey All correct Like a dark plague, they came unleashed destruction around here and left! Release s after them. Make flurry, please pick up the pace They should not getaway! Are all of you right, my valiant9 Can you hold on7 I’m OK. I can tolerate it, EvelAllah.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5 in Wear worry My Bey. we sent Mergen to the clan with the Alps We got Mergen we discovered their area. They should be hot behind us as of now. We need to get Gunduz back to the clan! Immediately please, make flurry! They went along these lines. Please! Tail them rapidly They mounted their ponies here and rode away. We can’t get with them then aaa. Aaa! What is this condemnation you welcomed on me, Gok Tengri? What sin have I submitted that you reviled me like this? Quiet down now, Commander. Thais the relic of times gone by now We need presently to make sense of where we go from here. Berke Khan’s men abducted the covert operative from our grip And, Hiilagu Khan’s requests are in Ertugrul’s ownership. You were correct from the start. Beybolat. They were working together. In any case. I will present to them all to account! How could they track us down? Didn’t you say that not even Albis could discover this spot. Authority? Dragos, it is possible that he didn’t have a clue about that he was being followed. or then again he himself guided them to us, deliberately. What are you going to do now9 I recognize what I will do. great But.. most importantly… there is a score to be settled among us! The spring is nearly upon us. We have to take a gander at the hues that will light up our souls. Anything you desire. Sirma Hatun Won’t you search for something as well. Hafsa Hatun? Have we gone to the Bazaar for reasons unknown? Ilbilge Hatun I’m not exactly myself. Be that as it may, you can look to your souls’ substance. What Selcan Hatun did is still at the forefront of your thoughts, right? How would it be able to not be Sirma Hatun? Her words and the manner in which she excused me are outside my ability to understand. You saw yourselves what she did to me. I did. didn’t I. Hafsa Hatun? So much mischief incurred for only two chomps of food You saw what she did to me as well. May Allah shields us from Selcan Hatun’s mischievousness… that is all I need to state It’s sufficient. Sirma. Forget about the past. You both are the hat uns from a similar clan. Squabbles will undoubtedly occur. You re-crossed with one another today. tomorrow you mama e harmony. In any case, I appreciate You are a genuine Hatun, and that’s all there is to it. You made the best choice by declining to be brought into contentions.

OK, she is enduring, we get that. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that you are a Bey Hatun you don’t go lashing out at individuals like that. What’s more, about my youngster. Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 39 | Season 5 I wear t know-how, yet he by one way or another found out about it. It’s not my approach to fill their cerebrums with this thingsJ But, she accepts that I have impelled Aybars I let you know, however you would t accept. She’d explode a tempest in a basin of water. Do you know why? She disdains you since she is desirous of you. What’s more, she holds you in hatred for being a Tekfur’s girl. It’s a disgrace. I swear. A disgrace without a doubt Alps , avoid potential risk! We need to dress Gunduz’s wound1 Get me some fabric! I wish we didn’t stop, father. You were unable to go on like this my valiant First we need to tie your injury tight Come over yonder. My Bey. Regardless of whether Alincak couldn’t discover us now… he won’t sit inert He is will undoubtedly stick his horns somewhere The primary spot he would go is the fortification He will right off the bat presume them, for the assault occurred… following gathering them If he goes there under such doubts. . he will crush the spot to tidy. Will we let them eat up one another? We won’t Turgut You will go to the fortification right now You will caution Dragos that Alincak will be going to the post. We will put out such a trap. we will soak his outrage and.. we’ll have Alincak walk directly into our hands. Allah (let it be so). For what reason didn’t you make it there in time, Bamsi9 Didn’t I advise you to follow Alincak when they turn around? My Bey. the Nokers… they set out toward our ponies And we followed them… So. you abandoned your positions, is that so? You’ll clarify your activities when we come back to the clan, Bamsi. iruiunQ go to Sogiit without a moment’s delay.