Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 40 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 40 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 40| Season 5  Watch Artgal gazi Online artgal Ghazi Season 5 Full Episode Watch Free Exclusively on All Seasons of Dirilis s5 ep40

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Season 5 Epi 39 & 40

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5
Episode 39 & 40 HD Urdu Subtitle.

دیریلس ارتغرل غازی سیزن 5 قسط نمبر 39 & 40

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 40 | Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Along these lines, until I state otherwise^ your blade is prohibited to you, also. As my Bey orders Bamsi? What are you doing here? Bamsi?! Is something incorrectly I Are all of you right? I’m not good, my Hafsa. Not under any condition What’s off-base? On the off chance that the different Alps are in the fundamental tent, what are you doing here? I have no spot there any longer. How might you say that, Bamsi? Is it safe to say that you aren’t the Head-Alp? Shouldn’t you be there when the Alps are there as well? My Hafsa, I’m not, at this point the Head-Alp either. I’m not catching your meaning by that, Bamsi? My Ertugrul Bey has excused me… from my position You love it as much as your kids, and you love your blade similarly as you love me Bamsi Why might our Bey accomplish something to that effect? My expectation was not to foul up. Our Bey requested me to keep my post. In any case. at the point when the Nokers turned towards our ponies. I followed them… to shield ponies from being hurt. Our Ertugrul Bey said that the infringement of a request can’t be excused Therefore. I surrendered my blades to him and. came he e. Bamsi, what you have done can’t be known as a mix-up. So. you pursued the Nokers. What other decision did you have? Would one be able to be excused from Head-Alp present due on such a modest issue? This numerous year you battled next to each other and took a chance with your coexistence with them. All things considered, is this the best approach to remunerate you for that? What would we be able to do my Hafsa? That is the Bey’s organization. The Bey’s organization must be obeyed in all conditions. Allah (SWT) has ingrained mental fortitude just as a virtue in your heart, my Bamsi. You despite everything don’t see it for what it is What do I not see, my Hafsa? What would it be advisable for me to see? They’ve abandoned us since the time Selcan Hatun came. You will presently confront the genuine battle in our clan. Bamsi. May Allah guard our kids. Acclaim be to Allah. Gunduz s condition isn’t not kidding, my Bey. He will recoup in the blink of an eye by any means, In shaa Allah. Also, how is Mergen getting along? We have iven him all the vital corrective consideration, my Bey.

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 40 | Season 5 The assistance was from us and it is currently at Allah’s Divine tact. My Bey, I disclosed to Dragos all that he had to know. I guided him precisely when Alincak shows up. Alincak has lost everything that he had. To spare his life he will currently endeavor hard to track down Keykavus and the chest. The individuals who have nothing to lose, become foolish They’re prepared for any sort of battle and will undoubtedly commit a wide range of errors. By utilizing his weaknesses. we will compel him to walk directly into our hands Get the Alps in preparation. Abdurrahman. Deal with everything as the Head-Alp. As you order, my Bay Aag A|/j it will be as your request, yet .. the loss of his Head-Alp position will go extremely hard on Bamsi. Do you realize what is the most profound and most noteworthy decision one Bey must issue in his life, Turgut Bey? The one concerning equity When it comes to equity a man must concede no quarter even to those. whom he thinks about the apple of his eyes. Similarly, as obligations are the equivalent for everybody so are the prizes and punishments thereof As you order, my Bey Now, to our issue of Alincak and Albasti. They figured out how to get away from us, the s once. We should not permit it the subsequent time, Turgut. So now after he got pulled in to the smell of snare we will maneuver him into our enclosure. At that point we will see who is the tracker and who is the prey Where is Dragos? Officer Dragos is hanging tight for you in his quarters, Sir. Welcome back, Commander Alincak. I was going to welcome you to praise our fellowship But since you previously come. it would be ideal if you sit down. I’m here to taste a dish of vengeance and appreciate a beverage of blood Would you sit down first.

Have a beverage This will quiet you down. Officer Alincak. what do you believe would you say you are doing? You were deceiving me while as yet glancing me in the face You carry on as though you haven’t the faintest idea about last Happenings? I’m not mindful of anything. by Jesus (Isa, a.s I swear it! After we parted. I came back to my post. I don’t have the foggiest idea of what occurred. After we separated our ways, there was an assault on my mysterious place. My significant hostage, who realized a considerable amount was removed. Who right? Who might do that? You simply provide a request, and I’ll relegate every one of my soldiers to discover them. Dra os! Did you have anything to do with that? Why on the Earth and for whom would I sell out a Commander of the Mongols, the leaders of the world? Berke Khan’s men removed him. What’s more, the structure of the letter Hiilagii Khan are in Ertugrul s ownership. Is it accurate to say that you are in on this too9 Did you manage them to our place? No one knew where we were before you came there. For what reason would I do that jiah? To murder you, is that so? I’m not that dumb Commander Alincak. After everything I’ve accomplished for Ertugrul… he despite everything plans to overcome my stronghold and get my head. You’re despite everything letting me know here that I am at his back and call. There’s just a single solid accomplice for me. furthermore, it’s you. What’s more, if I somehow happened to accomplish something like this. I mean on the off chance that I needed to slaughter you. on the off chance that I intended to do this sort of dishonesty. I would have done it since a long time ago. In addition, so as to demonstrate my faithfulness to our coalition. I plan to give you something of impressive worth, What is that? My government agent at the Han Aaa! I can get him from you in any case. I need to get the first requests of Hiilagu Khan. At exactly that point, following up on these requests I could get to Keykavus and the chest. I will offer him to you. be that as it may, remember that he is truly significant to me.