Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 45 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 45 | Season 5

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 45 | Season 5 Watch Artgal gazi Online artgal Ghazi Season 5 Full Episode Watch Free Exclusively on All Seasons of Dirilis s5 ep45

Link 1: EPISODE 45 AND 46 PART 1

Season 5 Epi 45 & 46 Part 1

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5
Episode 45 & 46 Part 1 HD Urdu Subtitle.

دیریلس ارتغرل غازی سیزن 5 قسط نمبر 45 & 46 حصہ اول

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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Episode 45 | Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Albasti won’t leave here. We will withdraw on my sign. His men will tail us. We will take them out individually. nd at that point… we will descend on them like a sledge. Alps! Retreat! Assault! Retreat! Go! Execute all of them. After them! Go! Dragos’ I did what you needed to recover my child. I won’t be vanquished by your foul play. I won’t bes-crushed by your unfairness! In the event that your blade was as^shanp as your tongue, you would administer the world rather than us. Fighters! Slaughter Bamsi and his child! For Allah! For Allah! For Allah! For Allah! Bolts! Warriors! Aag A|/| Ertugrul Bey! Ertugrul! There he is again Come on, Son! Please! For Allah! Allah! Allah! Please, Son! Please! Allah! Allah! Assault! Father! The more grounded the foe the more well known the triumph. You will be the most grounded foe I have slaughtered up until now. You’re not daring enough to have the right beyond words up. That is the reason extraordinary adversaries eet holding up… also, the second rate ones twist the knee. At the point when you wanted demise, I didn’t slaughter you. Since you need to live, you will have that passing. Ertugrul. ly Bey… The men who followed Turgut haven’t returned. Would it be a good idea for us to proceed to search for them? No need. On the off chance that they can’t take those alps, let them kick the bucket. We need Ertugrul and Alincak’s heads. ‘Awesome. my Bey., Alps! This time I will complete you, Ertugrul! I removed your veil. What’s more, presently I will remove your head, jerk. This is the end. No more talk. Presently our blades will talk. You don’t merit a simple passing. You will bite the dust a thousand times for every one of your violations. You’re not the primary adversary I’ve squashed underneath my heel. What’s more, you won’t be the last. It was forever your des iny to be crushed like the others Take that knave to Sogut. We will discover what plans he made with Albasti. Is it accurate to say that you are okay, child? I’m fine, my Bey. Much obliged to you.

I’m pleased with you, child. Go on. Go to the alps. My Bey I’m so embarrassed. Do you know what you have cost us, Bamsi? What in heaven’s name would you say you were thinking? My Bey, Albasti is alive. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. I didn’t hear you out. I did it for my child. Presently… Since he’s been spared you can have my head. I will acknowledge any discipline you give me, my Bey. Turgut and the alps went to trap Albasti We are late going along with them as a result of what you did. You better expectation they endure the day, Bamsi. Allow me to come. My sibling Turgut’s life is on the line. Allow me to come. Let me battle close by you. You don’t have the right to battle by my side] Go back to the clan. We will talk when I get back. Alps! Cover Alincak. Leave no follow. We have to move quick to find Turgut. Go! Go! Go! Where right? Alincak hasn’t showed up yet. Aag A|/| What occurred? Did Dragos get Alincak? He had him, however then Ertugrul came. Ertugrul? Where did he originate from? I don’t have a clue about, my Bey. Dragos took Alincak. At that point Ertugrul came and spared Bamsi and his child. What’s more, Alincak? Ertugrul slaughtered Alincak. I came here straight after. f Alincak is dead… We’re no longer at serious risk, my Bey. Also, Dragos? Is it accurate to say that he is dead? He was as yet alive when I left. I don’t have a clue about, my Bey. The unbeliever Dragos consistently figures out how to take care of himself, somehow. In any case, if he’s been caught, that will be terrible for us. There’s no reason for us battling, my Bey. You’re correct. No compelling reason to hold up here any more. How about we return to the town. Please. Alps, ensure our sibling! Ensure our sibling! Are ou all ri ht sibling? I’m fine, my Bey. Fine. Generally excellent. We completed those that came after us.

Their numbers dwindled. Presently, we will follow Albasti. Deal with our injured sibling. How about we go. alps. IT’S TIME FOR OUR FINAL B TTLE.. TURKS WILL BE DROWNED IN THEIR BLOOD. Branas, there was a calamity. Ertugrul has caught Commander Dragos. Damn it! How? Ertugru[came with “his alps1 as Dragos was taking Alincak An injured trooper brought the news. Alps have taken Commander Dragos to Sogut. Prepared the troopers If they’ve taken C6mmander Dragos to Sogut alive, we despite everything get an opportunity. We will assault Sogiit today if need be] Commander Dragos’ requests are here. He’s generally so cautious. On the off chance that he’s murdered or gotten, this is the thing that he says you should do. We will complete his requests. It’s the ideal opportunity for the last extraordinary fight for Sogut. We won’t be distant from everyone else. Albasti will be with us. How might we confide in him, Brahas? Imagine a scenario where he walks out on us. At that point Ertugrul will understand he’s as yet alive, and Beybolat will be exposed for what he truly is. Beybolat will keep his statement. He will battle close by us as far as possible in the event that he needs to. For Commander Dragos, we battle to th Jbnd! For Commander Dragos we battle until the very end! jSoBejg’jepuewuioo joj Turgut Bey, they ve flee. There were loads of them. they didn’t have to run. Albasti wouldn’t have left without Alincak. omething’s going on. Alps… We will be careful and hang tight for Ertugrul Bey. What occurred, Turgut? You were correct, my Bey. They came to set up a trap. We battled. However, they fled despite the fact that we were dwarfed. Albasti wouldn’t have abandoned Alincak. He more likely than not discovered that Allncak is dead. Alincak’s dead? How? Bamsi committed a major error, Turgut.