TRT Ertugrul by PTV Season 2

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Hats off to the vision of the president Recep Tayyab Erdogan, Who gave wonderful idea to direct such an outclass series and I am amazed by the expertise of show’s creator Mehmet Bozdagh in assembling the Pearl’s of ottoman history in the form Resurrection Ertugrul.
Indeed ! Great Efforts done by the whole crew of series, especially the script writers & the actors.This season is the masterpeace of this century against islamaphobia which has breathed new life and a fire of resurrection into the muslim world. This play is so beautifully directed that it captivates its viewers like an addiction.This series does’t have any single element of obscenity or poronography which is the most striking feature of this play.The traditions ,culture ,social customs ,Spirtuality(sufism) and reflection of Islam are woven like neckless of pearls in this play.
Ertugrul’s bravery , honesty,masterful swordsmanship, suave, wisdom, foresight and vitality is the reason of its center of attention.
Resurrection is incredible and riveting. The historical aspects are very vivid and a good portrait of the evils of the Crusaders, Templars and Barbarians.
As far as the acting of Engin Altin is concerned, he has exceptionally portrayed the lead protoganist.Sword-fighting & Horse-riding have done in such a phenomenal way that everyone is enchanted and fascinated by it.The other actors are also magnificent and played their role in an outstanding way.

> It’s the prime responsibility of the viewers to groom their personality in the light of Resuurection Ertugrul and promote this series to everperson of their society as insha’Allah this series will suffice the real need of resurrection once again in the Muslim Ummah.

he best series I have watched, I always look up the people after I watch it to find more about them. 

As a Muslim I often find watching western series such as Peaky Blinders uncomfortable since they objectivity women and show unnecessary kissing scenes and portray "love" as lust, but with Ertugrul the love that Ertugrul has for Halime is pure, it's golden, wonderful and amazing!

The duas, prayer, and even the wording of the actors puts a smile on my face, it familiarizes using such wording in my own everyday life, I love the series it's entertaining and just absolutely amazing!

I would recommend anyone to watch this series, as the whole family can watch this series, one wouldn't have to hide the eyes of their youner siblings because what is shown would be inappropriate, not at all!

The values, character, belief of the characters is truly amazing in a way you can empathize with them, you feel immersed in the series, as if you're there with them!